Today marks the deadline for registration to vote in the referendums taking place on 22 May.

Unregistered eligible voters who wished to vote in the referendums were obliged to return supplement application forms to the registration authority for their local authority area by 5pm. 

The registration authorities are the city and county councils.

The referendums are on the age of presidential candidates and same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, Yes Equality Chairwoman Gráinne Healy has said Catholic Primate of All Ireland Archbishop Eamon Martin's intervention has served to "muddy the waters" on the same-sex marriage referendum.

Archbishop Martin yesterday said the church would have to consider whether or not it would continue to perform the civil part of marriage ceremonies in the event of a change following the upcoming referendum.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland yesterday, Archbishop Martin said it was clearly an issue.

He said: "We would have to look at legislation to see is it possible for us to continue to stand over our ministers being involved in civil ceremonies."

Responding to his comments today, Ms Healy said this referendum had nothing to do with religious or church weddings and was solely to do with civil marriages.

She pointed out that when divorce came into law the Catholic Church was not forced to remarry divorced people. 

Ms Healy also said civil partnerships are not the same as civil marriage and that it was a "separate and unequal institution".

She said the church had since the 12th Century included the civil element with the sacramental side.

Ms Healy invited Archbishop Martin to "engage with a dialogue" and discuss the issues around the referendum.

She also said around €200,000 had been raised by the Yes campaign so far in small-scale fundraising around the country.

She said no funding had been received by the Yes Equality campaign from overseas.