A 24-hour Europe-wide crackdown on speeding is under way, involving police forces in 22 countries.

Gardaí said the Traffic Corps and every available resource is carrying out speed checks, as part of what is being called a “speed enforcement marathon”.

For 24 hours, until 6am tomorrow, gardaí are setting up checkpoints across the country as part of the Europe-wide effort to tackle speeding.

The locations of the checkpoints are published on the garda website.

Police forces in 21 other European countries are doing the same as part of an initiative to reduce road deaths across the EU by 15% over ten years until 2020.

The concept of a pan-European speed enforcement marathon was organised by TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, the presidency of which is currently held by Ireland.

The idea was conceived in Germany where motorists were being asked to vote on the locations where they would like checkpoints to be set up.

Gardaí say speed is still the number one killer on Irish roads, where 47 people have lost their lives so far this year.