Ireland experienced a partial solar eclipse this morning, although cloud cover obscured the skies across much of the country.

Broken cloud offered close to ideal viewing conditions of the eclipse at the Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork city. 

A large crowd gathered at the castle where Cork Astronomy Club and Blackrock Castle astronomers set up a number of solar stations to observe the eclipse.

Schools from the area are availing of a number of solar workshops, a planetarium show and solar talks throughout the day at the observatory.

Although they happen quite regularly around the world, solar eclipses are quite rare in Ireland.

The last one was 16 years ago, and the next is not due until 2026.

Caused by a shadow created by the Moon as it passes between the Earth and the Sun, the partial eclipse began at 8.30am.

By 9.30am 90% of the Sun’s surface was blocked out by the Moon, before it slowly began to reveal itself again.

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Public viewing events were organised by astronomy clubs around the country.