An appeal by solicitor Brian O'Donnell against a ruling to grant a trespass injunction to Bank of Ireland in relation to a property in Killiney, Co Dublin has concluded for the day.

The O'Donnell's stay has been extended until tomorrow. The case will resume at 2pm, but Ms Justice Finlay Geoghegan told the court the appeal must conclude tomorrow.  

Earlier, Mr O'Donnell began his appeal against the ruling to grant a trespass injunction at Gorse Hill, the property that is at the centre of a dispute over €71m in debts owed to the bank.

Mr O'Donnell told the court today that he and his wife have "right of residence" at Gorse Hill since 2000.

When asked what he meant by this he replied "a right for us to live at a particular residence". 

Mr O'Donnell said there is a contractual right.

He said "we can show we lived there until the end of 2011".

During proceedings today Mr O'Donnell highlighted the media coverage of the case. 

He said the eviction notice at Gorse Hill was "hammered into the front gate in front of the world's media".

He added there were 64 reporters and three satellite trucks outside Gorse Hill when the court gave the eviction notice. 

Mr O'Donnell's wife Mary Patricia has told the court she is happy to allow her husband make submissions on her behalf.

Ms Justice Finlay Geoghegan had earlier told the court that Ms O'Donnell must come to court to express her agreement in going ahead with the appeal. 

Mr O'Donnell's daughter Blaise and son Blake were both in court and Gerry Beades from the self-styled Land League was also present.