A woman has told the Central Criminal Court how she found Elaine O'Hara's remains in a wooded area in Kilakee in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains.

Magali Vergnet was giving evidence at the trial of 42-year-old Graham Dwyer, who denies murdering Ms O'Hara on 22 August 2012.

Ms O'Hara's father, his partner and Elaine's brother John O'Hara left the courtroom before she gave her evidence.

Ms Vergnet, who is originally from France, is a professional dog trainer.

She told the court she would regularly walk four to eight dogs, including her own dog, on private land in Kilakee.

She had a key to the gates of the land and would drive her car in and park.

Ms Vergnet said she would walk on a track and the dogs would go into the woods.

She said that on 21 August 2013 her dog found a bone, which was about six inches long, as well as some other bones.

The dog had previously found a deer bone, so she thought these were also animal bones.

Ms Vergnet left the bones on some cement blocks out of reach of her dog.

On 13 September 2013, she said she had walked the dogs and was waiting for her own dog to come back.

She was calling her and could hear her and hear a scratching noise and went looking for her.

Ms Vergnet entered the wooded area behind the blocks and followed the path for some distance.

She saw some bones. She moved further into the woods and saw tracksuit bottoms, which had something that felt like a shoe inside.

Ms Vergnet then found her dog Millie, who had two big bones with her.

She was concerned the remains could be human and contacted the owner of the land, Frank Doyle.

She and Mr Doyle and another man returned to the area.

Ms Vergnet told the court she saw a jaw bone and realised the remains were human.

They contacted gardaí and brought them to the scene.

She said when she returned to the scene with gardaí, she noticed a knife blade stuck into the ground.

'Something a bit funny' going on

The owner of the land on which Ms O'Hara's remains were found said he showed gardaí another site where he believed "something a bit funny" had been going on.

Frank Doyle said he was shooting animals with a friend sometime between September 2011 and January 2012.

He went off the track into the woods and found a big sheet of plastic, some string hanging out of trees, a bottle of Vaseline, a stick with nails sticking out of it and bits of plastic bags.

After Ms O'Hara's remains were found in September 2013, he showed gardaí this area.

He was asked if he believed something untoward or of a sexual nature had been going on here.

He replied that it all seemed a bit "funny" to him.

Chains and rope found in O'Hara's home, trial told

Earlier, a garda who searched Ms O'Hara's apartment after she was reported missing said a number of items he found struck him as unusual.

Retired garda Ultan Sherlock said he went to Ms O'Hara's apartment at Belarmine in Stepaside with members of her family after she was reported missing.

He said they wanted to see if they could find anything which would lead them to Ms O'Hara's whereabouts.

He told the court the apartment was tidy and very well kept.

He said he found two large, heavy chains in a locker beside her bed. He said it struck him as unusual that they were beside her bed.

He said a rope was also found. It was similar to a washing line and he did not think there was a washing line in the apartment building, the court was told.

Garda John Paul Durcan, who was appointed family liaison officer to the O'Hara family after Elaine was reported missing, said he would regularly inform the family about developments.

He said before items relating to Ms O'Hara were found in Vartry Reservoir in 2013, a number of people were questioned after gardaí had retrieved data from a phone and a computer.

He said the O'Hara family were very worried and concerned about the information which had come to hand initially.

However, he said at some time before Ms O'Hara's body was found the family had accepted she took her own life.

He said they never expressed any concern about the efforts of the gardaí.

The trial is continuing.