Elaine O'Hara's sister has told the Central Criminal Court that she informed her in 2011 that she had been pregnant but had a miscarriage.

Ann Charles said Elaine had texted her towards the end of 2011 and told her there had been a miscarriage.

She said she rang her and talked to her. She said she asked her questions but she said Elaine did not really give her any answers.

She said it had been a one-night stand and she did not really talk to her any more about it.

Mrs Charles was giving evidence in the trial of 42-year-old Graham Dwyer who has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Ms O'Hara.

Ann Charles also said that she had gone to Stepaside garda station with her father on 24 August 2012 to report Elaine missing.

She said her father gave her Elaine's iPhone that he had taken from her apartment. She said they had tried to get into it but did not know the PIN for the phone.

She said Elaine was two years older than her. They had been close as children but were not particularly close as adults, the court heard.

She said because of Elaine's psychological difficulties, she acted quite young.

She added that Elaine never really grew up like the rest of them. Mrs Charles said she was quite naive and very trusting of people. She said she would tell people on the street her life story.

Mr Dwyer, from Kerrymount Close in Foxrock, denies murdering Ms O'Hara on 22 August 2012.

Her remains were found in the Dublin Mountains in September 2013.

Mrs Charles said she had asked her husband to check Shanganagh Cemetery for Elaine's car while she and her father were at the garda station.

She said she knew Elaine had been there on 22 August 2012 with her father. Elaine's car was found parked near the cemetery.

Elaine's brother John O'Hara said he found a laptop in her apartment that was not her usual laptop.

He also found two printouts from a hunting website of details relating to two knives as well as a printout of a map to a golf course in Rathmichael near Bray.

He said he found the name of what was described as a "fetish lifestyle" website in a notebook in her apartment and when he logged on to the website, he found what he believed to be Elaine's profile.

Mr O'Hara told the court that the map of the golf course at Puck's Castle stood out to him.

He said the map was dated 11 July 2012, but he said he had asked her for a lift to the same golf course later in July and she had told him she did not know where it was.

Jogger gave Ms O'Hara directions, court told

One of the last people to see Elaine O'Hara before she went missing said that she asked him for directions that same day.

Conor Gilfoyle said he would go jogging regularly in Shanganagh Park beside the cemetery near Shankill in Co Dublin.

He said as he was running on the evening of 22 August 2012 at around 5.45pm, a woman asked him if there was a bridge on the other side of the park.   

He stopped and gave her directions and told her where the bridge was. He said he was talking to her for less than a minute.

He said she did not say thank you or make any sort of engagement with him and this was one of the reasons why he remembered the conversation.

Mr Gilfoyle said he met her again on the bridge as she was walking towards the seafront. 

He said she did not seem to want to engage in conversation. He described her to gardaí as being "distant and uninterested" in having a conversation.

He said when he was shown a photograph of Ms O'Hara by gardaí a few days later, after she went missing, he remembered meeting her.

Father's partner tells of 'niggling concern'

The partner of Ms O'Hara's father has said she had a niggling concern about her on the night of 22 August 2012 when she saw no lights come on in her apartment.

Sheila Hawkins lived in Stepaside and could see Ms O'Hara's apartment from hers.

She said she was supposed to collect Ms O'Hara early on 23 August to bring her into town where Elaine was volunteering for the Tall Ships Festival.

She said she had been speaking to Ms O'Hara's father on 22 August.  

She said he was delighted with how she was and she said she herself was pleased Ms O'Hara was volunteering as she thought it would be good for her.

She said Ms O'Hara did not turn up at the bus stop on the morning of the 23rd where she was supposed to meet her.

Ms Hawkins said there were still no lights on in the apartment on the Thursday night.

She drove into the car park of her apartment block the next morning and Ms O'Hara's car was not there and she contacted her father.

Under cross-examination, Ms Hawkins said she was a psychologist and had an interest in Ms O'Hara, but she said she set very strict boundaries about discussing her treatment with her as she was not her treating doctor and it would not have been ethical.

She said Ms O'Hara had told her she had an interest in tieing herself up as an adolescent.

She said Elaine's father was incredibly distressed after Ms O'Hara told him in 2008 that she was seeing a married architect who tied her up.

She agreed that she had mentioned someone from Terenure who had long hair.

Ms Hawkins said there had been two "blurtings out". In one, Elaine said she had sex for the first time. In the second, she said she had had a miscarriage."

She said she had reason to believe this was in 2011.

She said Ms O'Hara was a very conflicted girl and said she had the emotional development of a 15-year-old.

She said she found her credible because she was not creative enough to come up with very blatant lies.

She said she had seen two marks on Ms O'Hara's legs when she was shopping with her. Ms O'Hara said she had cut herself.    

She said that when she and Ms O'Hara's father went to her apartment on Friday 24 August, she found a black latex bodysuit in a basket in her apartment.

She said she did not tell Ms O'Hara's father immediately as he was very upset at the time.

A neighbour of Ms O'Hara described seeing her for the last time on 22 August 2012.

David Van Der Zwart said he returned home from work at around 5.05pm on that day and as he was parking his car, she was getting into hers and leaving the car park at Belarmine Plaza in Stepaside.

He said he honked his horn to acknowledge her.

Former employer speaks of honest person

Ken Robertson, who owned newsagents in Dún Laoghaire and Blackrock in Dublin, also gave evidence to the court.

He said Ms O'Hara worked with him for a number of years.

She worked in Dún Laoghaire first and then moved to Blackrock when he sold the Dún Laoghaire shop.  

He said he never got into chit chat with her and that she was a very private person.

He told the court that he had no issues with her and that he found her very honest, which he said was a big bonus.

He said they trusted her and gave her keys to the shop, that she was a good person to have around and was very popular with the customers.

He also said he knew from early on that she had her own problems to cope with.

He said that gave him problems in relation to her reliability but he said they got around it and they gave her a lot of leeway.

He said she needed money and would work as many hours as she could.

Mr Robertson was shown the book which showed the hours Ms O'Hara and others worked in the shop.

He said she had taken days off to volunteer at the Tall Ships Festival in Dublin and said he was surprised as it was unusual for her to forego a full weekend's work.

He said he knew she had some problems with a leak in her apartment and agreed that she was someone who was under financial pressure.