More than 250 appeals from the High Court are to be transferred to the new Court of Appeal, which was established yesterday.

This afternoon, the Chief Justice, Ms Justice Susan Denham, gave a direction specifying the appeals which will transfer to the new court.

327 appeals certified as ready for hearing will be retained by the current Supreme Court.   

258 will transfer to the new court.

The Chief Justice gave the direction before a full sitting of all Supreme Court judges, including the High Court President, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns.

Appeals pending in the Court of Criminal Appeal which have not been fully or partly heard will transfer to the new court.

There will now be a general right of appeal to the Court of Appeal.   

Appeals can be taken to the Supreme Court from the High Court or the Appeal Court if the Supreme Court is satisfied that the matter involves a matter of exceptional public importance or that it is in the interests of justice that it be heard by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court will have new powers to facilitate the case management of appeals.  

The judges nominated by the Government to be members of the new Appeal Court were formally appointed by the President at Áras an Uachtaráin this evening.    

The Government nominated Mr Justice Sean Ryan as President of the Court of Appeal.

Eight judges were nominated as ordinary judges of the court.

They are: Mr Justice Peter Kelly, Ms Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan, Mr Justice Michael Peart, Mr Justice George Birmingham, Ms Justice Mary Irvine, Mr Justice Garrett Sheehan, Mr Justice Gerard Hogan and Judge Alan Mahon.

A ninth vacancy for an ordinary judge is to be filled in the coming weeks.

It is expected the new court will sit for the first time next week.