The Interim Garda Commissioner has said that new allegations in relation to the penalty points system have been referred to the Garda Ombudsman.

In a statement this afternoon, Noirín O'Sullivan said she recently forwarded allegations of gardaí not correctly implementing policies and procedures to the Minister for Justice who sent them to GSOC for investigation.

The allegations were brought to her attention by Sergeant Maurice McCabe who has been co-operating with the Ombudsman's investigation.

The Commissioner also said she has initiated an audit of the operation of the Fixed Charge Penalty Points system following changes made to it last June.

The changes include the centralisation of the authority to cancel penalty points to the Fixed Charge Processing Office in Thurles.  

Ms O'Sullivan has said that she is taking new allegations "very seriously".

Mr McCabe says that members of the force were continuing to cancel penalty points for friends and colleagues, despite the introduction of new regulations.

The latest allegations relate mostly to gardaí and others who previously had penalty points cancelled.

The allegations include one serving garda who had points cancelled on five separate occasions, RTÉ's This Week has learnt.

It is understood that the new dossier of claims includes: off-duty gardaí caught driving their own private vehicles who subsequently had points cancelled on the basis they were driving "emergency vehicles".

In one case, in the past two months, this included a garda driving a 15-year-old car who had points cancelled on the basis he was driving an emergency response vehicle.

A significant number of the cases relate to penalty points which were cancelled after no address for the driver could be found. 

Among these cases there were serving gardaí whose addresses are readily available to gardaí, it is alleged.

A spokesman for the interim commissioner said that she had ordered an audit of all penalty points cancelled since new regulations came into force in June of this year. 

The audit will be carried out by the Garda Professional Standards Unit (GPSU).

It will also include any of Sergeant McCabe's allegations which relate to the period before June.

RTÉ understands that Sergeant McCabe is actively assisting the internal garda audit process.

The new regulations were introduced in response to previous complaints by Sergeant McCabe that the practice of cancelling penalty points had been widespread for years within the force. 

His claims were supported by a subsequent report by the independent garda inspectorate.

It was first reported in the Sunday Times newspaper today that Sergeant McCabe had made new allegations in relation to the cancellation of penalty points. 

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, John McGuinness has said he would be concerned if the new allegations were correct. 

The PAC has previously examined the issue of cancelled penalty points on the basis of the money lost to the Exchequer as a result.

The Department of Justice has said that the Minister for Justice received the allegations concerning the cancellation of fixed charge notices last week.

A spokesperson for the minister also said she had sent them on to the Garda Ombudsman Commission last week for investigation following a request from the commissioner.

The spokesperson said that the minister was not aware of the identity of the person making the allegations.