Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree banning or limiting imports of agricultural products from countries which have imposed sanctions on Russia.

Mr Putin ordered his government to come up with a list of goods to be banned for imports into Russia for one year, the Kremlin said.

Ireland's agricultural exports to Russia in 2013 were worth €235m, according to the Central Statistics Office.

The figures include fish, forestry, beef, poultry, live animal exports, honey, fruit and vegetables.

Mr Putin's move came as Canada announced a new round of sanctions against Russian officials, banks and companies over Moscow's support of rebels in Ukraine.

The new sanctions also target several banks, Dobrolet Airlines, the United Shipbuilding Corporation, as well as Ukrainian separatist leaders and organisations.

The latest additions bring the total number of Russians and Ukrainians facing sanctions to more than 100.

Last month the European Union and the United States imposed further sanctions against Russia targeting its oil industry, defence, dual-use goods and sensitive technologies.