Jack and Emily were the most popular babies' names registered in 2013, new figures from the Central Statistics Office show.

Jack retains the top position it has held since 2007.

Emily also retains the top position it has held since 2011, having been eighth most popular in 2007 and fifth in 2008.

The five most popular boys' names in 2013 were Jack, James, Daniel, Conor and Sean.

They were also the top five each year since 2007, with only their order changing from year to year.

Emily, Emma, Sophie, Ella and Amelia were the five most popular girls' names in 2013. Emily has been in the top five in five of the last six years.

Emma has been in the top four most popular names since 2007.

Amelia has climbed steadily in popularity each year since 2007 when it was the 48th most popular name to fifth most popular name for baby girls in 2013.

The latest figures from the CSO show there were 68,930 births registered in 2013, with 35,272 males and 33,658 females. That is down 3,295 births on 2012. 

The 2013 total is 11.7 % higher than in 2004 when 61,684 births were registered.

The figures also showed that there were 30,018 deaths registered in 2013, an increase of 1,170 on the 2012 figure. 

This represents an annual death rate of 6.5 per 1,000 of the population (compared with 6.3 for 2012). 

Almost three in four deaths were from either diseases of the circulatory system (32.2%), malignant neoplasm (29.4%), or diseases of the respiratory system (11.9%).

Deaths due to accidents, suicide and other external causes accounted for a further 5% of all deaths in 2013.

The CSO said there were 21,770 marriages registered in 2013 which was 1,057 more than in 2012.

The marriage rate in 2013 was 4.7 per 1,000 of population versus 4.5 in 2012.