This week's mining disaster in Turkey has left more than 200 people dead and again highlighted the dangers of mining.

It is the worst Turkish mining disaster since 1992.

One of the worst mining disasters of all time happened in Manchuria in 1942 when 1,549 people were killed.

Another major disaster occurred in Courrieres, in northern France in 1906 when 1,176 people died.

Here is a round-up of mining accidents that have killed more than 100 people since 1990.

April 2013: Sudan - 109 died, including nine rescue workers, when an illegal gold mine collapsed in Jebel Amir, in the western Darfur region.

November 2009: China - An explosion in a coal mine in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang killed 108 workers.

December 2007: China - An explosion killed 105 in a mine in the northern Shaanxi province.

November 2007: Ukraine - An explosion in a coal mine near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, killed 101 people, Ukraine's worst such disaster.

August 2007: China - A coal mine flooded in the eastern province of Shandong, near the city of Xintai. A total of 181 miners were killed.

March 2007: Russia - 108 people died in a mine explosion in the Siberian region of Kemerovo.

December 2005: China - A coal mine in Liuguantun, in the northern province of Hebei was the site of another explosion that left 118 dead or missing.

November 2005: China - A total of 171 miners were killed in an explosion in a mine in Heilongjiang.

August 2005: China - A mine in the southern province of Guangdong flooded, killing 123.

February 2005: China - A total of 213 miners died after an explosion in a mine in the northeastern Liaoning province.

November 2004: China - A gas explosion at a coal mine in Shaanxi killed 166.

October 2004: China - An explosion left 148 dead in a coal mine in the Henan province.

June 2002: China - 124 people died as the result of an explosion in a coal mine in Heilongjiang.

September 2000: China - The Muzhonggou coal mine in southern Guizhou province was hit by massive gas explosion, killing 162 workers.

March 2000: Sierra Leone - Around 150 diamond miners were killed by a cave-in in the eastern Kono region.

July 1997: Tanzania - More than 100 miners were buried alive when the roof of a gold mine collapsed in the northwestern Kagera region.

November 1996: China - At least 144 people were killed by an explosion near the northern city of Datong.

August 1994: Philippines - A coal mine explosion killed 119 near the southern city of Malangas.

March 1992: Turkey - A mine explosion killed 263 people near Zonguldak, in northern Turkey.

April 1991: China - A gas explosion in Shaanxi killed 147 people.

August 1990: Bosnia - A gas explosion in Dobrnja-Kreka killed 180 workers.