The popular web based TV and movie streaming service, Netflix, is putting up its prices for new users. 

The company is to introduce three new price plans. The first plan allows users to watch one screen at a time in Standard Definition quality for €7.99 per month.

The second plan allows two screens to be used simultaneously  for watching movies and TV programmes through the service in High Defintion for €8.99 per month. 

The final plan, which is aimed at families, allows 4 screens to be used at the same time, all in HD, for €11.99 a month. 

Current users will continue to pay the same amount for a further two years. 

Netflix says its needs to put up its prices because it is continuing to add more movies and TV shows to its service. 

Users can continue to change plans at any time without penalty or commitment, and new members can still get a free trial of whichever plan they prefer.