A group of demonstrators who were occupying Knight Frank's offices on Pembroke Street in Dublin have ended their protest.

According to protester Jerry Beades, up to 60 people from the umbrella group Friends of Banking Ireland occupied the company's boardroom, hall and the front of the offices.

Mr Beades said they arrived at 4pm and the company set up a meeting with two of its directors.

These talks broke down at around 6pm and the protesters remained on the premises until around 8.30pm when they left.

Gardaí were called and were at the premises during the protest.

Mr Beades said they were looking for a commitment from Knight Frank that it will not sell family homes, or any farm or home that is the subject of a dispute, prior to that dispute being resolved.

A protest in February by the same group at the offices of auctioneers Allsop Space in Dublin ended after an agreement was reached that in future no properties would be offered for sale where there was a legal dispute in connection with the proposed sale between the registered owner (the borrower) and the bank or receiver.