There was a significant rise in kidnappings and related offences last year, according to the annual crime figures published by the Central Statistics Office today.

The CSO said the increase was driven by a rise in false imprisonment and child abduction cases.

The number of kidnapping or related offences rose from 101 in 2012 to 119 last year.

There was also a slight increase in homicide offences, even though the number of murders and manslaughters dropped.

The increase was due to more dangerous driving causing death offences, which rose from 19 to 25.

Murder cases dropped from 53 to 51, while manslaughter cases went down to four from seven the previous year.

There were also substantial decreases in fraud, deception and related offences, which dropped by almost 14%, and in burglary, which was down by over 7%.

Organised crime offences were also down, with reductions recorded in drugs, firearms and explosives offences.

Acting Garda Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan welcomed the reduction in 11 of the 14 crime groups.

She said: "The decrease ... reflects the commitment and hard work being carried out by the dedicated members of An Garda Síochána throughout the organisation every day of the week.

"The rise in homicide offences is due to increases in dangerous driving leading to death so it is critical that An Garda Síochána, the RSA, statutory and voluntary bodies, and the public continue to work together to make our roads safer.

"We must remain vigilant and we are constantly monitoring emerging crime trends and patterns so that when increases in crime groups occur we can put in place targeted and co-ordinated measures to reduce them."