Taoiseach Enda Kenny and British Prime Minister David Cameron have said relations between Ireland and the UK have never been better.

They were speaking at Downing Street ahead of an hour-long meeting.

The two discussed a range of issues, including a stalled wind energy deal between Ireland and Britain.

Officials are now to explore whether the deal can be revived.

Mr Kenny said officials would spend the next three months trying to see if there was an alternative model that might make the scheme workable.

Britain had cooled on a deal to buy millions of euro of wind generated power from the Republic by the year 2020.

Mr Kenny said the issues that had stalled it were not confined to price.

The Taoiseach said he also briefed Mr Cameron on the Irish economic recovery.

The two discussed plans for President Michael D Higgins's visit next month.

Mr Kenny said he expected to see the Irish diaspora in the UK having a big involvement in the trip.

The situation in Crimea and Ukraine was also discussed, as well as the impact of a European Council decision on climate change, which had implications for Irish agriculture.

Mr Kenny said there was broad agreement on an initiative to have joint visas for visitors from India and China so that Ireland and the UK could be marketed as a single destination.

He also said all the secretaries general in the Irish civil service are to travel to London in September to discuss cooperation with their counterparts there.