The Children's Rights Alliance has said a high percentage of separated migrant children continue to go missing and overall child poverty rates are unacceptably high.

It also says infant mortality rates for Traveller children are three-and-a-half times those for the rest of the population.

The alliance is made up of over 100 of Ireland's non-governmental children's organisations.

In its annual report card it evaluates the Government on last year's progress in meeting the Programme for Government's commitments to minors.

It awards ministers B grades in the areas of constitutional rights, education and protection from abuse and neglect.

However, it fails them when it comes to child poverty, mental health, travellers and migrants.

It reserves its lowest mark for the treatment of migrant children, especially in the State's widely-criticised direct provision hostels for asylum seekers.

The report warns that a high percentage of migrant children arriving in Ireland without parent figures continue to go missing despite the decline in new arrivals.

The alliance said almost one in ten children are doing without necessities such as a meat, fish or vegetarian dinner every second day.

The report warns that there has been little meaningful action to improve the lives of Traveller children.