The mother of a child who uses the services of the Central Remedial Clinic has appealed to the public to continue to support the charity.

In an emotional interview on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Maria Nolan said she was "disgusted and saddened" to hear that former chief executive Paul Kiely got over €740,000 in a retirement package last year.

She paid tribute to the staff at the CRC, who she described as amazing, and she said they were ashamed by the revelations.

Ms Nolan said: "You feel disgusted and saddened, but not just for yourself and your child, you feel it for the staff of the CRC. They are so amazing, they all work so hard.

"You can just feel that they are so ashamed themselves and hoping that they are not implicated or feeling that we're looking at them or judging them.

"If you ever go in the front door of the CRC everyone is so nice. It's just a second home from home."

She appealed to members of the public "not to pass the bucket on the street", saying people never know when they might need to use the service.

The news of the amount paid to Mr Kiely emerged as another former CRC chief executive, Brian Conlan, appeared at the Public Accounts Committee yesterday.

Mr Kiely was paid a €200,000 tax-free lump sum and a €273,336 taxable lump sum.

A further €268,689 was paid to ensure Mr Kiely's pension/lump sum benefits would not be less than if he had continued to remain on as chief executive until November 2016.