About 30,000 protesters have launched a “people's coup” on Thailand's government.

They have swarmed state agencies in violent clashes, taking control of a state broadcaster and forcing the prime minister to flee a police compound.

Meanwhile, protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has announced a government holiday for 2 December.

Protesters gathered at Government House and other key state buildings in a bid to topple the government.
Riot police behind concrete barriers and barb wire have been repelling crowds of protesters using water cannon and tear gas.

 “In order to continue the people's operation and eliminate Thaksin's regime, the People's Democratic Reform Committee would like to announce that Monday, December 2, is a holiday for the government sector,” he said in a statement which was broadcast on the Blue Sky channel which is funded mainly by the opposition Democrat party and its supporters.

Apart from government buildings, protesters took over part of a TV station earlier in the day seeking them to air footage of their “people's coup”. 
Network TPBS aired Mr Suthep's announcement on their channel.
The protest leader has been holding rallies at government complex which is partially occupied by his supporters.