Facebook is the most popular social media platform in Ireland, with 1.3m people using it, according to new research.

Digital behaviour analysis firm GlobalWebIndex also found that YouTube is the second most popular platform in Ireland, with 27% of those surveyed or 640,000 people using it in the past month, compared to a global average of 21%.

Google+ is used by 19% of Irish people or 450,000 people, compared with a global penetration of 22%.

Twitter, which attracts an estimated 410,000 users each month, has a 17% penetration, compared to a global average of 22%, putting it in fourth place.

LinkedIn performed better than expected, GlobalWebIndex said, with 12% of Ireland's internet users actively using it in the past month, well ahead of the global average of 9%.

A third of Irish internet users, or around 800,000 people, said they had not used any of  the 19 major social networks, including Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr in the past month.

More than 1,000 consumers were surveyed in Ireland during the last quarter for the survey.