ASTI members will continue their industrial action if they vote no on concessions to the Haddington Road agreement, according to the union's General Secretary Pat King

Yesterday the Central Executive Committee of the ASTI, decided that the proposals should be put to a members vote, with a recommendation to members to vote no. 

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week programme, Mr King said the Central Executive Committee decided that the concessions to the Haddington Road agreement are insufficient. 

He said it is now up to ASTI members to make a judgement call on whether the proposals are enough for them. 

Mr King said there is a worry that if the proposals are rejected again the Government may impose the "Fiscal Emergency Measures in the Public Interest" legislation, which could see supervision or substitution as well as pay cuts being imposed on teachers. 

He said if this was to happen the ASTI would have to respond.