A survey commissioned by one of the world's largest security companies has found that a majority of Irish teenagers are taking steps to hide their online behaviour.

The survey reveals a disconnect between the online activity that parents believe their children participate in and the reality of what teenagers do online.

More than half of the 200 Irish teenagers surveyed in the Digital Divide Study, commissioned by security company McAfee, admitted to wiping their browser history to hide what they are doing online from their parents.

The survey found that 11% of those surveyed said they had met someone they contacted online.

Despite 57% of parents trusting their child not to access inappropriate content online, 23% of teenagers admitted intentionally searching for pornography.

One in ten teenagers admitted to posting revealing pictures of themselves online, with 12% posting a comment containing foul language.

McAfee said more work needs to be done to educate teenagers on the risks associated with "over-sharing" on the internet.