The referendum to establish a Court of Appeal has been passed by a majority of almost two to one.

The official result shows just over 65% of voters were in favour of establishing the court.

The average turnout was almost 40%.

The Yes vote was more than 60% in 42 out of 43 constituencies.

The lowest Yes vote was in Donegal North East, where it was just over 56%.

The highest Yes vote was in Dublin South East, where just over three quarters of voters showed their support for the new court.

There were also Yes votes of over 70% in Dún Laoghaire and the constituency of Minister for Justice Alan Shatter, Dublin South.

The new court is expected to be operating by this time next year.

It will hear almost all appeals from the High Court.

The Supreme Court will hear only what it considers to be cases of general public importance, or where the interest of justice demands that it hear a case.

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