Members of the newly formed Reform Alliance of politicians have welcomed the announcement that they will be allowed speaking time on Government business in the Dáil.

In an email from the office of the Ceann Comhairle, TDs were told that speaking slots for 'others' will now be incorporated in the rotation of Dáil speakers.

The 'others' slot is intended for use by members who aren't members of parties or the Technical Group.

Members of the Reform Alliance - which was formed by five former Fine Gael TDs and two former Fine Gael senators - were to formally request that the rules to be changed to allow them speaking time when the Dáil resumes from its summer break.

It is understood members of the alliance are to meet with the Ceann Comhairle to clarify the new rules.

Reform Alliance member Lucinda Creighton said she was "very grateful" to Ceann Comhairle, Seán Barrett "for facilitating those of us exiled from our parliamentary parties with some vital Dáil speaking time."