RTÉ has said that an increase in public funding would allow it to enhance its services to better serve its audience.

The broadcaster has published its five-year strategy, which it says sets out a road map for how the future of RTÉ can be secured.

Among its aims are the growth of News Now, new programmes for young people, a reinvention of its approach to comedy and investigative journalism, and growth in science and technology output.

The broadcaster said that with extra resources it could also invest in areas including drama, education, comedy, news and investigative journalism.

The plan states that RTÉ is a much leaner and efficient organisation than it was five years ago.

However, it has lost audience share which is not sustainable, as it is a dual funded organisation that relies on commercial income to support public service activities.

The strategy sets out two funding options.

One option assumes existing levels of public funding are at least increased for inflation and will see spend on programme content broadly in line with 2013.

The second option is based on what it terms modest increases in public funding.

This, the broadcaster said, would enhance RTÉ's services to better serve programme needs.

The Department of Communications is currently conducting a consultation on the Public Service Broadcasting Charge, and RTÉ will be making a further submission as part of the current consultation.