The latest Sunday Business Post/Red C poll has shown a drop in support for both Government parties.

With Labour at 10%, it is the party's lowest level of support in the Red C poll series since October 2008.

The poll was conducted between Monday and Wednesday of this past week and is the first Sunday Business Post/Red C poll since June.

It comes as the Dáil gets set to begin its Autumn term, ahead of a number of party thinks-ins on Monday, and with little over a month to the Budget.

Just over 1,000 adults were asked their voting intentions if a general election were held tomorrow - excluding undecideds, Fine Gael is at 27%, down one percentage point; Labour is at 10%, down two, which means Labour is now at its lowest level of support seen in a Red C poll since October 2008.

Fianna Fail is up one to 23%; Sinn Féin is at 17%, with no change, and Independents and others are up two at 23%.

No major shift on Seanad Referendum

Regarding the Seanad Referendum, one of two referendums to be held on 4 October, of those polled, 50% are in favour of abolishing the upper house, down one on the last Red C poll for Paddy Power in August; while 35% indicate that they want to keep the Seanad, that is down two.

The “Don't knows” have increased by three to 15%, but when they are excluded, 59% are in favour of abolishing the Seanad, up one on the previous month's poll, and 41% are against - down one.

With less than three weeks to go to polling day there has been no major shift in support for either side, with the “Yes” side ahead. But many of the campaigns have only been up-and-running in the last week.