Reports that items were stolen from The Astrid tall ship shortly after it ran aground off the Cork coast are untrue.

Kinsale Harbour Master Captain Phil Devitt said divers had located the ship's wheel, bell and compass binnacle on board the vessel today.

It had been widely reported that these items had been stolen after the ship ran aground last month.

However, it is believed that weather conditions at the time must have knocked the items out of position and gave the impression they were missing from the deck of the partially submerged vessel.

The items were brought ashore and handed over to Custom and Excise officials in their role as Receiver of Wreck.

Captain Devitt said reports had given a very bad impression, particularly in the aftermath of such a successful rescue of 30 people from the sinking ship.

He said he was delighted, that contrary to reports, the ship had not been plundered.