The Irish Coast Guard is investigating reports that the bell, wooden wheel and compass have been stolen from the submerged wreck of The Astrid tall ship.

It is believed the wreckage was looted under cover of darkness on Friday night.

Thirty people were rescued last Wednesday afternoon off the Cork coast after their ship hit rocks.

The 42-metre Dutch training vessel began taking on water at Oysterhaven, near Kinsale.

Hugh Barry, pollution and salvage operations manager with the Coast Guard, said he was appalled by the apparent thefts.

However, he said there was little information to go on other than photographs of items that appeared to have been taken from the ship, which have appeared on social media sites.

He said he had also viewed footage of a man on YouTube apparently jumping into the sea from the ship's mast.

Mr Barry said an exclusion order has been placed around the ship and anyone taking or interfering with the wreckage is committing a criminal offence.

Gardaí say they have not received a complaint about alleged stolen items.