There was a heavy police presence in north Belfast this afternoon as the Orange Order staged a march for the third week in a row.

Orangemen had been banned from passing the nationalist Ardoyne area.

The three Ligoniel lodges, which made their way from the West Belfast Orange Hall on the Shankill Road, were stopped by police at a junction on the nearby Woodvale Road.

Five nights of rioting had taken place in the area earlier this month after the Parades Commission ruled against the order marching through Ardoyne.

Orange Order spokesman Mervyn Gibson said there was no danger there would be a repeat today of the violence that erupted after the annual 12 July commemorations.

"It was very peaceful and we had good crowds," Mr Gibson said.

He said: "People still want to get their point across. The lodges want to be able to walk home and we want the Parades Commission gone."