The Parades Commission has ruled against another two applications from Orange Order lodges requesting permission to march in north Belfast this Saturday and the following week.

Orangeman are applying to march past Ardoyne shop fronts.

The Order said it wanted to complete the return parade it was banned from making on 12 July - a decision which led to five successive nights of violence.

The Orange Order staged a peaceful protest at police lines last Saturday after again being prevented from going along the route.

Orangemen have vowed to keep applying for permission to march the route until they are successful.

They insist the original parade will not be deemed to be finished until the route is completed.

Speaking in Dublin, where she was meeting Tanáiste Eamon Gilmore, Northern Ireland Secretary of State Theresa Villiers urged the Orange Order to be "very cautious" as it seeks permission for further marches.

Ms Villiers said the Orange Order needs to engage with the PSNI.

She added that tensions remain and all protests must be peaceful and lawful.

Mr Gilmore said the Parades Commission needs to be respected.