The former lover and fortune teller of billionaire Nina Wang has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after a Hong Kong court found him guilty of forging her will to claim her multibillion-dollar estate.

High Court Justice Andrew Macrae said Peter Chan's attempt to pass himself off as the beneficiary of Nina Wang's fortune was "shameless, wicked and borne of unparalleled greed".

Ms Wang's fortune is estimated by prosecutors at 83bn Hong Kong dollars (€8.3bn).

Ms Wang, once Asia's richest woman, died in 2007 aged 69 after suffering from cancer.

Hong Kong police charged Chan after a court ruled in 2010 that a will purportedly leaving Ms Wang's Chinachem Group to him was forged.

The legal battles over the will have enthralled the Chinese territory with their seamy mix of sex, big money and fraud allegations.

Hong Kongers were riveted by juicy revelations, such as Mr Chan's affair with Ms Wang, who was two decades older than him.

She was nicknamed "Little Sweetie" for her girlish outfits and pigtail hairdo.

Chan was convicted of forgery and using a false instrument.

The judge sentenced him to 12 years on each count, to be served concurrently.

Chan is a former feng shui master who changed his named from Tony after converting recently to Christianity.

In an attempt to prove that Wang and Chan's relationship was genuine, Chan's defence team showed videos in court last month of the pair kissing and caressing, according to media reports.

The judge said Chan was not content with the HK$3 billion (€300m) that Ms Wang had given to him while she was alive and decided to claim her business empire and estate as well.

"I have no doubt you are nothing more than a clever and no doubt beguiling charlatan," Judge Macrae said in sentencing Chan, who rocked back and forth with a pained expression.

Ms Wang inherited the Chinachem business after her husband was kidnapped in 1990.

He was never found despite the payment of a $33m (€25m) ransom.