The Government has begun mapping broadband services across the country.

The move is to identify what areas are not likely to get high-speed services without State intervention.

The national broadband plan commits to bringing high-speed service to all parts of the country.

Telecom operators do not want to provide some rural parts of the country with a broadband service.

They claim that providing remote or sparsely populated areas with a high-speed broadband service would not be commercially viable.

The Government's National Broadband Plan has committed to bring broadband with speeds of at least 30Mbps per second to all parts of Ireland by 2015.

The Government began mapping what areas would not be served with high-speed broadband without that intervention.

The project will identify where advanced broadband is already in place and where plans are in place for such services over the next three years.

The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources will be seeking information from telecom companies about their current and planned network infrastructure.

A notice was published in the national newspapers today and full details about the process can be found on the department's website.