A serving garda has been convicted of deceiving an insurance company into paying him over €10,000 after his car was stolen.

Paul Fogarty, 28, who is stationed in Dublin, was found guilty of the charge this afternoon, but acquitted of two other charges of harassing a car dealer and his father.

He will be sentenced next month.

The Dublin Circuit Criminal Court was told that on 10 January 2008, Fogarty crashed his Toyota Celica on the M50.

A month later, he met Christopher Kelly, a car dealer who has been convicted of stealing cars, and gave him €5,000 to repair the Celica.

Kelly told the court he asked a contact to steal a car like Fogarty's for him. He then transferred parts from it to the garda's car, including a sound system, an alarm and alloy wheels.

Detectives investigating Kelly subsequently arrested Fogarty.

During the trial, Kelly also told the court that he later stole Fogarty's car after the garda texted him saying: "You can do me one favour and everything will go away."

Fogarty then informed Quinn Insurance that the car had been stolen outside his grandmother's house.

He said the car had been locked and was in perfect condition and it had not been involved in any crash while he had it.

This, the prosecution said, was manifestly false. However, the insurance company paid Fogarty over €10,000.

Fogarty denied the charges of making a gain by deception and harassing the Kellys, and while the jury found him not guilty of the harassment charges, they convicted him of deceiving the insurance company.

All verdicts were unanimous. He was remanded on continuing bail for sentencing next month.