Controversial interviews with the late Dolours Price, who was jailed for her part in the IRA bombing of the Old Bailey in March 1973, could be released to British authorities following a ruling by the US Supreme Court.

The interviews are contained in an oral history project at Boston College in the US.

British authorities sought to have the tapes and transcripts handed over.

It is widely thought their request forms part of the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Belfast mother Jean McConville during the Troubles.

Today the US Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal from two of the men behind the Belfast Project at Boston College - Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre.

They had sought to intervene to block the release of interviews with the late Ms Price to police in Northern Ireland.

The US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston had ruled that two of the interviews, with Brendan Hughes and Ms Price, could be handed over.

The Supreme Court had temporarily stayed that ruling while Mr Moloney and Mr McIntyre filed their appeal.

But now that their appeal has been refused, it is likely the request can be enforced and the transcripts handed over.