A majority of Ireland’s primary school teachers believe most schools should be multi-denominational or non-denominational, according to an INTO survey released today.

The survey found that 49% of respondents favoured multi-denominational options.

A further 10% believed most schools should be non-denominational, and around 7% said most should be inter-denominational.

Just 28% said they felt most primary schools should be denominational.

Currently more than 90% of schools in the country are denominational.

In the survey, the vast majority said families and parishes should play the strongest role in preparing children for the sacraments.

Just under 9% said they felt the school should take the lead.

This is down from 23% in a similar survey carried out ten years ago.

Asked if teacher training colleges should continue to be run by the churches, 54% disagreed, while 14% agreed that they should.

72% said they believed children should be taught about religions and beliefs other than their own in school.

The survey found that teachers over the age of 40 were significantly more likely to say they teach religion willingly compared to younger teachers.