Olympian John Joe Nevin's wife and cousin have appeared in court in connection with holding a collection without a permit to bring his family to the London Games last year.

Marie Nevin of Ardleigh Vale, Mullingar and his cousin Mary Nevin of Grange Meadows, Mullingar pleaded guilty to carrying out a door to door collection without a permit on 20 April last year.

Following evidence from the secretary of Cavan Amateur Boxing Club Brian McKeown at Mullingar District Court, Judge Seamus Hughes opted to leave the women without a criminal conviction.

Mr McKeown said a permit had been applied for and was refused, but the women had "jumped the gun" in collecting money when the permit was not in place.

He said he himself had drawn up the card, which asked people to support the fundraiser to bring John Joe's wife, child and parents to the London Games.

It was to be used if and when the permit was granted.

Mr McKeown praised the boxer, saying he started with him as a shy 13-year-old but had gone on to be a fine ambassador for the country.

Satisfied that the cards were not bogus, Judge Hughes said he would leave the two women without a conviction, but asked that they bring €250 cash to court by 21 March.

He said he will donate that money to the boxing club, and pointed out that the entire country is proud of John Joe Nevin and what he and his boxing colleagues have achieved.