Two companies, a technology firm and a healthcare provider, have announced that they will create over 240 jobs.

Dropbox is to establish its international headquarters in Dublin.

It is an internet-based service that allows its 100 million users to access their documents from a range of different devices anywhere in the world.

The Irish office will provide technical support and other functions.

The company said it plans to begin recruiting immediately for a range of different roles. It said it would create 30-40 jobs within the next year, and then expand further.

Separately, healthcare provider Centric Health has said it will provide 200 jobs as a result of securing a €20m investment from a European private capital group.

Centric is planning to expand its network of primary care centres around the country and is to complete its acquisition of the diagnostic services firm, Global Diagnostics.

The company says 50 of the new jobs are expected to come on stream within the first 12 months and will include the recruitment of medical, paramedical and administrative staff.