A new Sunday Business Post/ Red C Poll has shown that eight out of 10 people support legislation for the X Case ruling on abortion.

Over 1,000 voters nationwide were surveyed last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and asked if they supported legislation for the X Case, allowing abortion where the mother's life is threatened, including by suicide.

85% said they supported legislation in these circumstances, 10% would not support it and 5% said they didn't Know.

Voters were also asked their views on other options regarding abortion legislation although the Government is only proceeding on the basis of the X Case ruling.

The poll also found that Fine Gael has suffered a six-point

Drop in support since last month's poll leaving the party on 28%. That is its lowest Red C rating since 2008.

Labour support is up one to 14% while Fianna Fáil is up one point to 20% - its highest rating since October 2010.

Sinn Féin support remains unchanged at 17% while Independents and Others are up 4 points to 21%.

Voters were also asked their preferred options for Budget 2013.

Over two-thirds, 67%, said the Government should prioritise higher taxes for those earning over €100,000 a year.

An equal number were opposed to any more cuts in welfare payments including child benefit and pensions. Just over half, 55%, favoured more public sector pay cuts.