An Irishman has been found guilty of the murder of a man on the holiday Island of Tenerife.

21-year-old Keith Burke was charged with the fatal stabbing of local man, Abraham Baez, during a late-night fight in April 2010.

The jury came to their unanimous decision after seven hours of deliberations tonight at a criminal court in Santa Cruz.

Burke, who has been in custody since the attack, is expected to be sentenced next week.

Burke was accused of stabbing Mr Báez, 24, during a violent confrontation which started as a petty argument between their respective girlfriends in the early hours of the morning of 30 April, 2010.

The jury found that the prosecution had proven its case that he left the scene of the initial drink-fuelled confrontation outside the Tropical Playa Hotel and returned several minutes later with a knife from his nearby apartment to deliberately kill Mr Báez, who died from a severed artery after being stabbed in the neck.

State prosecutor Angel García-Rodríguez has requested a 17-year sentence for murder and €200,000 financial compensation for the parents of the victim.

Burke's lawyer Avelino Míguez asked judge Fernando Paredes to "take into account his client's young age" at the time of the killing (he was 18) when passing sentence next week and added that he would be appealing the conviction.

Burke's girlfriend Sara Stuart, 30, who was also on trial this week, was found guilty of wounding Mr Báez's partner, Laura Negrín, during the fight, although the jury recommended that she be given a suspended sentence.