Former Kosovo prime minister Ramush Haradinaj has been acquitted of war crimes at the conclusion of his retrial in The Hague.

Prosecutors had said Mr Haradinaj had participated as a commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army in a criminal plan to drive Serbs out of the province, which at the time was ruled from Belgrade.

Judges in the retrial ruled that there was no evidence that Mr Haradinaj and two accomplices had taken part in such a plan.

He had been cleared of the crimes in 2008, but the verdict was quashed on the grounds of witness intimidation.

The indictment alleged Mr Haradinaj and two others had been involved in a joint criminal enterprise to establish control in western Kosovo through detention camps.

Ethnic Serbs and Albanians who were deemed to have collaborated with Serbs, were allegedly tortured and killed.

The judges at the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia found there was no evidence to say the three men participated in the atrocity.

Supporters had said the retrial was based on flimsy evidence.

Mr Haradinaj served as prime minister for a short period in 2004 and 2005, before he stepped down to deal with the first trial.