District Court Judge Heather Perrin has offered to resign after her conviction last week for deception.

The Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, confirmed that Perrin has conveyed her resignation to Taoiseach Enda Kenny for onward transmission to President Michael D Higgins.

She is due to be sentenced on Wednesday, becoming the first member of the judiciary to be convicted of a serious crime.

Last week, she was found guilty of deception by inducing an elderly client to leave half his estate to her two children.

Thomas Davis said he had planned to leave them just €2,000 each. 

They were like family to him, he said, adding that he signed the will without reading it because he trusted Perrin, who had been a friend for decades.

A month later she was appointed a judge and her practice was transferred to a new law firm.

O'Hanrahan Quaney discovered the will contained the names of her son and daughter as major beneficiaries in a €1m estate.

The judge had denied the charge, but in a unanimous verdict the jury found her guilty.

With a criminal conviction and the prospect of a prison sentence looming, the focus this week was on if and how the judge would leave office after just three years on the bench.

She had been on long-term sick leave, and had she not resigned she would have to be removed by resolution of both houses of the Oireachtas.

Perrin will be back before the circuit criminal court in two days time when she faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail.