The co-author of a report on the Frontline Presidential debate programme is taking legal proceedings against the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.

Former head of UTV Rob Morrison said the suggestion by the BAI that it is incomplete or watered down is absolutely incorrect.

Legal representatives for Mr Morrison are understood to have contacted the BAI this afternoon to inform them of the proceedings.

In a statement yesterday, the BAI said the editorial failings of the programme were more significant than were identified by RTÉ in the published report. They also called for the full working document to be published.

On Morning Ireland this morning Mr Morrison said: "We gave the BAI everything we had, all 27 pages of the working document...and they're concluding that there's something missing.

“It's absolutely not the case and I absolutely refute the suggestion."

A BAI spokesman said yesterday evening that the authority was happy to confirm that it received all of the information that it requested from RTÉ.

However, they insisted that the report, together with the working document that was furnished to the BAI Compliance Committee, offered a sufficient basis for the Committee to make its determination.

As such, the added, the BAI cast no question over those who prepared the report, and associated working document.

Minister for Communications Pat Rabbitte said that he does not know why differences have emerged between RTÉ and the BAI.

He also said that RTÉ had issues of confidentiality to address.

A spokesperson for the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland has confirmed to RTÉ News that it has received correspondence from legal representatives for one of the authors of the RTÉ review.

The spokesperson said an email from a solicitor for one of the authors was received this evening.

The BAI said it would not be making any further comment at this time.