The Irish Foster Care Association has hit out at claims by Irish Times columnist John Waters that foster parents were “doing it for the money”.

Retired Judge Catherine McGuinness said that in her personal experience the very idea that foster parents were doing it for money is quite extraordinary.

She said that no money would pay for the amount of love and care that went into looking after foster children who had very difficult childhoods.

Members of the IFCA said they unreservedly support a yes vote in the upcoming referendum.

Ms McGuinness urged people to read the Referendum Commission's independent information, adding that there was no excuse for what she described as the distortion and exaggeration that has been peddled by those advocating a no vote.

Speaking at the final press conference of groups advocating a no vote, Richard Greene from the Christian Solidarity Party called on people to ignore the emotional blackmail and vote no.

He said that this referendum is less about protecting children as it was about dismantling parent's authority.

Maria McMenamin from the Parents for Children Group said that in recent days there had been a denial of the consequences if this amendment is passed.

She said if it were, parents would have to look on helplessly as the State fails and neglects our children. Ms McMenamin also claimed that if the referendum was passed it could lead to cases of forced adoption.