The family of Sharon Coughlan have pleaded with the Taoiseach to intervene in the planned repatriation to the Czech Republic of the man convicted of her murder.

The solicitor for the family has written to the Secretary General at the Department of Justice raising concerns over an interview with Minister for Justice which was aired on RTÉ's Prime Time on Thursday.

In the letter, the solicitor asks that the family be prioritised by Alan Shatter in the same manner it appears the man who murdered their sister has been prioritised.

Speaking on RTÉ's This Week, Brenda, Orla and Caran Coughlan said they have lost all trust in Mr Shatter to deal with the issue.

They also accused him of painting an untrue picture of the family in the Prime Time interview.

Mother-of-two Sharon Coughlan was raped and murdered near her home in Great Water Street in Longford in 2007.

David Brozovsky pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to life in prison for murder and 15 years for rape.

Mr Shatter told Prime Time that he was anxious to ensure the family were fully informed of the details of the repatriation despite them initially not expressing a desire to be informed of the details.

His comments have been described as "unbelievable" by the Coughlan family.

They insist they were never advised of their entitlement to be informed and said the Minister for Justice has been aware of that fact since he met them last May.

Caran Coughlan said the Minister had misrepresented the family on the issue.

Orla Coughlan said that the family do not know who to trust anymore.

She said the Minister for Justice tells them one thing in private and then says something else in public interviews.

The family said they do not know which Alan Shatter to believe anymore, the one they met in private or the one that appeared on Prime Time.

They have asked Enda Kenny to meet with them to discuss the issue.

A spokesperson for the Mr Shatter said Brozovsky will serve a minimum of 20 years in the Czech prison regime.

The spokesperson said there is no guarantee that he will be released after 20 years and any release will be subject to conditions and he will appear on a Czech criminal conviction register.

The Department of Justice confirmed a letter was received in the Department of Justice and Equality from the family's solicitor on Friday afternoon.

In a statement, the spokesperson said the Minister had a lengthy meeting in Longford with members of the Coughlan family in May last and subsequently the Department has been in extensive correspondence with the family's solicitor and has provided detailed responses to previous correspondence received.

They added that Mr Shatter will be considering the letter received by the family and it is not regarded as appropriate to reply over the airwaves.