Gardaí in Co Cork are investigating an internet video that shows two teenage girls fighting while surrounded by a group of up to 50 other teenagers.

The footage, which was shot on a mobile phone, was uploaded to the internet on Wednesday and has been viewed several thousand times since then.

Three teenage girls have been suspended while their school carries out an investigation into the fight, which happened outside school hours.

The footage, which lasts for just under three minutes, shows two first year girls as young as 12 and 13 hitting and punching each other on the ground while being cheered on by bystanders.

The fight is understood to have been pre-arranged and over a teenage boy.

Christ King, a prominent Cork city school, has since issued a statement in which it condemns what happened.

The school says that while it cannot control the actions of its students outside of school hours, they still represent the school, and if it is found that they have brought the school into disrepute, disciplinary procedures will be invoked.

It describes the video as appalling and unacceptable and says the school authorities are not just disappointed by the behaviour of those involved in the fighting but also by those who urged them on or who made no effort to intervene.