Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions fell last year according to a report carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The report shows greenhouse gas emissions fell by 6.7% last year.

Energy, residential, industry and commercial emissions showed the biggest decreases.

Agriculture remained the single biggest contributor to overall emissions, making up 32% of the total.

The EPA said total emissions amounted to 57 million tonnes.

It says Ireland is now on track to meet its Kyoto obligation of keeping greenhouse gas emissions below 1990 levels when emissions trading and forest sinks are taken into account.

Reasons for the 2011 reduction include mild winter weather, the recession and consequent drop in cement production, the increase in the use of wind energy, and changes in vehicle taxation to encourage the use of lower emissions vehicles.

EPA Director General Dara Lynott welcomed the news, but said recession-induced reductions do not mean environmental pressures are being managed in a sustainable way.

He said moving Ireland towards a resource efficient and sustainable society will require behavioural change by everyone.