Senator Martin McAleese has said he thinks the committee charged with the report into what happened in the Magdalene Laundries will find the truth.

Mr McAlesse said the inter-departmental committee had been charged with establishing the facts of what happened in the laundries between 1922 and 1996.

He said the report would be published at least before the end of the year, and it would stand on its own merits.

Mr McAleese said the committee was not charged to make individual findings, determinations, judgements recommend redress, or apologies, which he said was outside their remit completely.

Asked whether he would comment on whether the State should apologise, Mr McAlesse said that was not within the committee’s remit and it was solely charged with establishing the facts of State involvement.

He said the committee was constrained by the terms of reference, but that was the job it was given and it would be totally inappropriate for him to make any comment in terms of redress or compensation in his role as the independent chair of the committee.

Mr McAleese was speaking as he announced plans by past pupils of the Christian Brothers to hold an event to mark the 250th birthday of the founder of the Order, Edmund Ignatius Rice.