The Data Protection Commissioner has said Facebook has satisfactorily implemented most of its recommendations in relation to privacy.

The comments are contained in the Commissioner's office's report on its reaudit of Facebook.

However, there are a small number of issues outstanding in relation to informing new users and fully deleting accounts beyond all doubt.

The social network has a policy of allowing users to initially deactivate an account with a period where the user can then change their mind.

Commissioner Billy Hawkes has asked Facebook to implement a policy where users' accounts are fully deleted 40 days after a request.

It said Facebook is complying with this request in relation to personal data, but there is a complicated issue in relation to input to group activity.

Facebook has promised to rectify this by early 2013.

The recommendations were originally contained in an audit report published in December.

Since then, officials have met with Facebook executives and twice reviewed operations at Facebook's offices.

The commissioner has jurisdiction over the social network's users outside of the USA and Canada due to the location of Facebook's European headquarters in Dublin.

This covers 600 million users.