A Dublin woman, who sued her father for damages for sexual assault, has been awarded €375,000 in the High Court.

Ailish Smith, 38, of Templeview Lawn, Clarehall, waived her anonymity during the trial so her father could be named in the media.

Gerard Smith of Magenta Hall, Santry, was convicted and sentenced in 2006 to six years in prison with two years suspended.

Smith had pleaded guilty to five sample charges relating to the most serious incidents of abuse of his daughter in the 1980s, when she was aged between two and 12.

Mr Justice Eamon de Valera told Ms Smith's barrister Sean O'Siothchain that he would have awarded her €450,000 damages, similar to an award he had made in an earlier sexual assault case.

He said the Supreme Court had capped that award at €375,000 and in line with that ruling he was awarding Ms Smith that figure together with costs.

Ms Smith had told the court that the abuse, which was carried out when her mother was out of the house, had a devastating effect on her.

The judge dismissed an application that Ms Smith's claim was out of time and ruled she was entitled to maintain her claim against her father.