The gap between Ireland's rich and poor is at its greatest in 30 years and is continuing to widen.

A policy briefing by Social Justice Ireland shows that the income of Ireland's poorest households fell by over 18% in a single year, while the income of the richest rose by 4%.

The report suggests that the top 10% of the population receives almost 14 times more disposable income.

In comparison, the poorest are experiencing the worst income distribution over the past 30 years.

Social Justice Ireland said current Government policy is making the situation worse.

The report suggests that Government policy favours the rich at a time when Ireland's most vulnerable people are struggling to make ends meet.

The group is calling for Government action.

It said that no anti-poverty strategy can be effective without a policy designed to address the issue of low incomes.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, SJI's Michelle Murphy said that the Government needed to address long-term unemployment and change its approach to the Budget.