The cross-examination of one of the two men charged with murdering Michaela McAreavey ended today with the prosecution counsel calling him a liar who made up stories about police torture.

Avinash Treebhoowoon, 30, said he had not read the confession he signed and that it was dictated by one police officer and written down by another. 

The defendant and co-accused Sandip Moneea both deny murdering the 27-year-old woman at the island's Legends Hotel last January.

The court heard Mr Treebhoowoon was paid around €200 a month to clean rooms at the Legends Hotel.

In the room where Mrs McAreavey was murdered, several witnesses said they saw a black purse.

Mr Treebhoowoon insisted in the witness box he saw no purse, mobile phones or laptop computer when he cleaned the room.

He alleged he was beaten during questioning at police stations.

The judge said to him that according to his evidence he had received 13 slaps and a number of beatings by the time he was examined by a doctor.

It was put to him the medical report said no external injuries were found.

He said his confession was dictated by one police officer while another wrote it down.

He claimed he remained silent throughout and that afterwards he signed the confession without reading it.

He said that his lawyer advised him of his right to remain silent the start of that two-hour process.

He said a police officer stood up, cursed the lawyer and threatened to throw a chair at him.

He claimed a deputy police commissioner had a gun in his sock and threatened to shoot him.

It was put to him the stories of beatings and threats were lies and that he had killed Mrs McAreavey.

He insisted he was innocent.